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Pentest & Code Review

Penetration Testing and Security Assessment Services

We find security vulnerabilities in web applications, web services, APIs, AWS, Azure & GCP infrastructure, serverless applications, mobile applications built for Android, iOS and software written for Internet of things (IoT). Our comprehensive security assessments include threat modelling, architectural reviews, pentesting and source code review.

  • WEB
  • Web service/app
  • Scope: Web Services, APIs & Servers
  • Duration: 2-7 weeks
  • Standards: OWASP Web, SANS 25
  • Report: PDF Report
  • Retest: Included
  • Android/iOS app
  • Scope: Android, iOS & Web APIs
  • Duration: 3-7 weeks
  • Standards: OWASP Mobile, MSTG
  • Report: PDF Report
  • Retest: Included
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Scope: AWS, Google Cloud, & Azure
  • Duration: 3-7 weeks
  • Standards: OWASP, CIS Benchmark
  • Report: PDF Report
  • Retest: Included

Services we offer

  • Web Application Pentest & Security Assessment
  • AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Security Assessment
  • Compute and Serverless Security
  • Server, Database and Application Security
  • Wordpress/Drupal/Joomla Security and Hardening
  • Mobile Application Pentest & Security Assessment
  • Infrastructure and Application Stack Security Assessment
  • Secure Code Review & Threat modelling
  • Security Algorithm design and implementation
  • Evaluation of custom Security implementations & protocols
  • Application Security Automation, Scripting
  • Security Engineering & Security Tool Development
  • Application Security Consultancy & Startup Advisory

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Security Training

Deep technical application security trainings.

We provide application security trainings and certification via self paced online courses as well as hands on live trainings at Security conferences. Our trainings cover web application security, mobile application security, pentesting modern technology stack, and windows exploit development. For more information, visit our security education portalOpSecX Logo

OpSecX Android Security Tools Expert OpSecX Automated Mobile Application Security Assessment with MobSF OpSecX WebSecNinja: Lesser Known WebAttacks OpSecX XSSing JavaScript-MVC Applications

Security Engineering

We love security automation and develops security tools that work.

Security Engineering is our speciality. We build open source security tools in Python, Golang, Lua, Node.js, .NET, JavaScript and Java.

We help companies implement fundamental blocks of a successful Application Security program. Reach out if you would like us to help you integrate appsec tooling in your CI/CD pipeline or has custom security software and automation requirements.

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Support Services

Mobile Security Framework Support Packages.

All rates are in USD inclusive of taxes, but excluding any withholding taxes and transaction fees.
  • $ 2999.99 / year
  • Live Support & Troubleshooting
  • Priority Support via Email or Slack
  • Access to MobSF e-Learning Course (5 accounts)
  • 1 Minor Feature Request
  • Priority Bug Fixes
  • $ 6999.99 / year
  • Live Support & Troubleshooting
  • Priority Support via Email or Slack
  • Access to MobSF e-Learning Course (15 accounts)
  • 2 Major Feature Requests
  • Priority Bug Fixes
  • $ 10999.99 / year
  • Onsite*/Online Live MobSF Training for your Developers
  • CTF challenges
  • Assistance in setting up MobSF in your CI/CD
  • Access to MobSF e-Learning Course (50 accounts)
  • Expert Email Consultation

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